Athletes’ success: What is the winning formula?


Athletes stretch before a sporting event. Photo courtesy of Lance Cpl. John Baker and Wikimedia Commons.

By Ian Jackson
Staff Reporter

Every athlete has a pregame ritual or pregame training routine that helps them before the game to increase morale and spirit to help them get ready for the game. Stephen Curry has his speed dribbling to increase his ball handling skills, Ray Lewis has a ritual pregame dance routine to pump up the crowd and the teammates’ morale. what are other athletes’ pregame routines that they do in order to be prepared for game day so they can perform at their absolute best day in and day out? Roosevelt student athletes pitched in on what they do to before every game to ready themselves before every game.

Hope Katakis, a senior double majoring in Psychology and Integrated Marketing and Communication, is a defender for the Women’s Soccer team. “My pregame ritual consists of lots of water, and not doing too much during the day. I also always make sure to get treatment in any sore of knotted muscles from our trainers” Katakis said.

If there was one thing that Hope would change about her routine it would be to add something she could do with her teammates so there could be some bonding time during the season as the team because they are always so busy they don’t have time for each other except for games. Because homework always gets in the way or something else comes up.

Damian Zalewski, a senior year information technology major who plays Guard and Forward for the Men’s Basketball team says “Eating healthy the day before and the morning of is what I try to do. I try not to eat at least three hours before the game in order to feel light and ready. I also take a good night’s sleep or nap the day before the game and before the game I stretch and analyze opponents and their game plan,” Zalewski said.

Zalewski said what he wants work on changing in his routine would be drinking more fluids to help stay as hydrated as possible.

Jason Markus is in his fourth year studying Hospitality and Tourism Management and plays Guard for the Men’s Basketball team. His pregame ritual consists of a routine he’s been doing for eight years that which he doesn’t plan on changing soon.

“My training consists of form shooting, then backing up all the way to almost half court and shooting with my same form. I also always finish with making 10 free throws in a row to feel confident with my shot before a game,” Markus said.

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