The Athenian Room does not disappoint


By Zachary Wright
Contributing Reporter

Known as comedian Tina Fey’s go-to place in Chicago, one of the cheapest places to get a steak, and one of the best to get a gyro, the Athenian Room does not disappoint those who wish to indulge in hefty plates of food.

Located in Lincoln Park, the Athenian Room has been serving classic Greek favorites since 1979. For a reasonable price, the Athenian Room offers a cozy, intimate setting that’s perfect for a dinner date or catching up with friends over lunch. Like with any place, the Athenian Room has noticeable pros and cons.

Food: First and foremost, the Athenian Room isn’t vegan friendly. The vegetarian options won’t wow or charm any vegetarian as they’re extremely bland. Even the French fries aren’t vegan friendly either because one can assume that they’re dipped in the juices from the meats. So, those who don’t eat meat, be aware this place does little to cater to your taste.

Now, if you aren’t a vegan, then there’s a good chance you may be impressed.

The Athenian Room offers classic dinners like gyros, kabobs, and other Greek cuisine options. For a very reasonable price, customers can get a large amount of food with bold flavors. The appetizer selection is very small but the Athenian Room does make it up to you with quick service for your entrees. Even smaller than the appetizer selection is the dessert section which consists of only baklava. Despite that, the baklava is sure to please your craving for sugar.

Drinks: Nothing more, nothing less. Nothing stuck out about the drink selection. It’s a rather limited selection as well.

Ambiance: One of the best things about the Athenian Room is the coziness. It is very intimate. Like mentioned before, it is perfect for a date or to catch up with a friend; or if you just want to be able to eat in peace and quiet. However, the Athenian Room is quite literally a room.

The tables are close together, so be prepared to hear the guests’ next to your table if your visit takes place during the busier hours. Which is another thing, you will probably never have to wait for a table longer than maybe a couple minutes.

That also goes for your food also. Service is quick and I highly doubt you’ll have to wait forever to eat. The only real drawback will be for those who don’t eat meat but maybe in the future, that will change.

The Athenian Room is a place worthy to check out if you have some cash and some time to spend.

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