‘Storks’ delivers surprises to all audiences


Storks that once delivered babies, now deliver packages for Cornerstore.com. Photo courtesy of IMDB

By Stephanie Austria
Contributing Reporter


“Storks” is an adorable kids movie that keeps parent viewers in mind as well.  Cornerstore.com is a store flying in the sky.  At one point, cornerstore.com was known to deliver babies, they have since tried to put that behind them because it goes against what they want to be known for and they have since been doing successful.

Junior, a hardworking stork voiced by Andy Samberg, is being considered to take over the company.  Tulip, voiced by Katie Crown, a now adult, who as a baby never made it to her home due to the delivery bird not being successful reaching the destination.

Tulip continues to stand in the way of Junior’s plans by trying to implement her inventions in Cornerstore warehouse.  Junior’s first assignment on the job was to fire Tulip which he fails to do.  Tulip has been transferred to the mail department where she finds a letter with a request for a baby and is determined to deliver.

Characters in movie are cute and kid friendly.  Tulip and Junior find themselves in situations and involved with other characters including the wolves, awkward pigeon, and other families.  The moral of the story is for the parents: spend as much time with your kids.

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