Simple Plan refuses to die


Photo by Chapman Baehler

By Katherine Gage
Copy Editor

The Canadian pop-punk band, Simple Plan, which made the soundtrack to many student’s middle school and high school days with guilty-pleasure songs such as “Welcome to my Life”, “Addicted” and “I’m Just a Kid,” released their fifth studio album, “Taking One for the Team” on Feb. 19.

The band hosted their concert at Chicago’s House of Blues, one of the last stops which wrap up the album’s United States tour as they now continue on to Canada and Europe.

Simple Plan was formed in 1999 with the same five members they’re touring with today 17 years later.

Feeling old? The band members are now in their mid-thirties and the majority of the venue hall was individuals who looked to be over 26, so you’re not alone.
The setlist of the night consisted of their older classics from previous albums and included their new recent songs, which has cheerful and bubbly “Singing In The Rain” and “Perfectly Imperfect” which could both be confused for One Direction hits and are very different from the default punk style Simple Plan has shaped themselves to be known for.

Some critics are saying Simple Plan made listening to the album more embarrassing than it needs to be, and they tried grasping at any final last straws they could to create it. Most are just surprised the band lasted as long as they did as all of their competition such as Sum 41 and Good Charlotte died out years ago.

Even with the mixed reviews on the new style on “Taking One For the Team” from Simple Plan fans, it’s fair to say everyone in the audience was up for the band’s new songs and packed the venue hall where beach balls were floating through the crowd with countless streamer rockets released, ensuring that Simple Plan will be resurrected from our childhood nostalgia once more.

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