Cesar’s Home of the Killer Margaritas: an honest review


Cesar’s Home of the Killer Margaritas disappoints patrons. Photo by Zachary Wright.

By Zachary Wright
Contributing Reporter

Cesar’s Home of the Killer Margaritas should be renamed Cesar’s Home of the Killer Letdown. “Specializing” in Mexican cuisine, Cesar’s home has been on the blocks of Chicago for 25 years. Mexican restaurants generally have something many can enjoy. In the case of Cesar’s Home of the Killer Margaritas, this place is probably a hit with those who like margaritas, but a miss for those who enjoy Mexican restaurants as a whole.

Food: The actual menu for food was rather small; which is odd considering many Mexican restaurants usually have an overwhelming selection. Prices are reasonable but they come with poor quality. Cesar’s does claim to do everything from scratch; but the chips tasted stale and tasted like they came out of a bag along with salsa which tasted like it came out of an old jar from the back of the fridge. The meal itself wasn’t anything too special either. The corn tortillas were very mealy, the chicken for the fajitas was flavorless, and the vegetables were weirdly undercooked and overcooked at the same time.

The restaurant does give these free little bowls of soup in hopes that’ll win customers over. The soup was the only real highlight for the food.

Drinks: The drink selection is probably what people come for; more specifically, the margaritas. It’s in the name. The domestic beer selection is very poor but the imported beer selection was decent. The margaritas were also really overpriced where you could find another place for cheaper and probably better too. If you aren’t a drinker, the non-alcoholic selection was also lacking.

Etc.: The service was very average. The waiter was friendly but seemed like he had better things to do. The hostess wasn’t friendly at all. You also aren’t the only one hungry as the restaurant is hungry for your money. Almost everything offered is absurdly overpriced for low quality. Expect to pay around to 30 to 40 dollars for two meals, not including drinks or a tip.

Going out your way to eat here is a waste your time. There are thousands of better places for Mexican cuisine in Chicago which are more affordable and better quality.

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