Are Superteams damaging the love of the game?

Los Angeles Lakers Media Day

By Ian Jackson
Staff Reporter

Ever since the scene that changed the landscape of sports as we know it when Lebron James joined Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to play for the Miami Heat, the phrase super team was born.
Over the past few years it has become more common for players to jump from the team that drafted them to a team already full of superstars and a postseason contender for money or winning championships. Now the scenario is up for debate if super teams are ruining the love of the game that we love to watch and play.

Richard Banks, a senior journalism major said, “It’s definitely changing the landscape of sports. It’s been around for a while but now it’s a main focus for a lot of players. So now it reduces the impact on favorites because for example for Basketball a lot of people are setting their eyes on Golden State and Cleveland because they are both stacked at every position.”

Golden state has been heavily favorited this year to win the NBA finals because of the experience the team has and the major signing of the offseason of Kevin Durant so now their lineup consists of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green and Zaza Pachulia

Arturo Zavala, the administrative secretary for Roosevelt University said, “I don’t think so because it’s when you elevate a certain player instead of the whole team. Each player had at least three superstars so everyone had a fair shot at winning the title. It made each year very exciting but now the pay is high and now sports elevate one player and if he is not happy they jump ship to another team and that damages sports.”

A lot of players these days are now in for the money instead the love of the sport and now that is very damaging.

Ronit Patel, 25, Biotechnology and Chemical Science graduate said “I think it’s not damaging to sports because if I was a superstar I would definitely go to where the big money is if I was a professional soccer player. If I were a pro player I would definitely go to a team where my talents would be appreciated and provided money.” Patel said.

If the money is distributed right for some players, they would jump without question to join a team and play with the next super star to form the ultimate team.

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