SPEED holds homecoming at US Cellular Field



Reema Patel and Mark Allen Jr. were crowned the homecoming court royalty. Photo by Megan Schuller

By Megan Schuller
Editor in Chief
Photos By: Megan Schuller

The “Midnight Ball” homecoming dance at US Cellular Field brought Roosevelt’s homecoming week to a close on Spet. 14. This groundbreaking homecoming had a few firsts, including changing the name of the king and queen to create the first gender neutral homecoming court.

“We came up with the choice to name the homecoming court royalty instead of king and queen because we felt that at a social justice school, we should do everything we can to be inclusive of all genders and those who do not identify within the gender binary,” said Chanel Easter, sophomore sociology major and recruitment and retention manager for SPEED.

Reema Patel and Mark Allen Jr. were crowned the homecoming court royalty.

“Just being up there with [the court], because all of them are so great, made it a privilege being on the court,” Reema Patel senior sociology and APO president said. “My sash says homecoming royalty instead of queen, which is cool. It’s very Roosevelt. I like that a lot.”

It was a subtle change in homecoming traditions, noticeable only by the homecoming voting ballot and sashes, but there were many other things to partake in throughout the night. A photo booth, character drawings, dancing were available to do. The stadium lights were turned on briefly for students to see the view outside of the banquet box in the stands.

“That was my first time at the White Sox’s Stadium ever and I had no idea that there were rooms like that inside of a baseball stadium,” Allen said.

Allen, a junior Clarinet Performance Major, said he ran for homecoming royalty because he thought that it’d be nice to have CCPA represented in a major on campus event.

“Campaigning was a lot of fun, because it gave me a chance to talk with people that I might not have interacted with before. Also, I think that I feel more connected with the RU community as a whole,” Allen said.

The student organization spirit cup was another new addition to homecoming. APO won the spirit cup this year and will receive a plaque to congratulate the student organization for their achievement, according to Easter.

“I was excited about the spirit cup because APO was in it. I think I was more excited about that than my own name being called,” Patel said. “I hope it picks up next year and more student orgs get involved. It’s a good way to get involved with homecoming, SPEED, and Roosevelt spirit.”

According to CSI, 212 tickets were sold for homecoming.

“I’m not a huge Cubs fan, I’m a Sox fan. I was pretty lit about having it there. I thought it was fun. It was an experience I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. When else would you be in a banquet hall in a baseball stadium?” Patel said.

Reema, senior, psychology major

President, APO

I am very proud of being a member, President.

“I feel like I’m more appreciative of my experiences here at Roosevelt because it’s my last year here.”
She says running for homecoming royalty was a way to step outside of her comfort zone and do something in the Roosevelt community.

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