Local rapper drops ‘The Healing Component’ for these grim times



Photo Courtesy of Facebook. “The Healing Component” offers listened a look at problems in society.

By Karan Sodavaram
Contributing Reporter

Institutionalized racism, police brutality, social inequality, Jesus and the pimping out of black culture are just a few themes that can be found in local Chicago rapper Mick Jenkins’ latest project. “The Healing Component,” also known as THC, is a 62 minute journey through the psyche of a troubled Jenkins who is one of millions of Americans calling out for the end of White Patriarchy in this country through the spreading of love. It’s a heavy hitting sentiment that may not sit well for those with weak minds due to its complexity; but should we expect anything less from the guy whose debut album “Waters” was compared to T.S. Eliot’s, “The Wasteland” by critics online?

BADBADNOTGOOD produced what some critics have claimed a “a funeral procession beat,” in an eerie and unsettling track called “Drowning.” This menacing track leaves a powerful statement with lines like “When the real hold you down, you supposed to drown right?/Wait, wait, that don’t sound right,” which highlights not only the death of Eric Garner who was choked to death by police officers, but a metaphor for oppression faced by minorities in this country over the decades of alleged “freedom” and the way that most people of color are taught to be subservient to those powers that be, or “the real.”

Jenkins enjoys subliminal messaging, with “drink more water” being one of his most popular off his project “Waters.” Hidden within the layers that make THC is another important message to “spread love,” because ultimately the only way humanity can progress is by spreading love.

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