The dehumanization of Kim Kardashian


By Allison Stapleton
Contributing Reporter

Kim Kardashian West was robbed at gunpoint in her Paris hotel room on Oct. 3. According to NBC, the masked men escaped with millions of dollars worth of jewelry, including her wedding ring which is worth $4.5 million and her jewelry box containing other items worth $5.6 million.

Many platforms of news outlets have reported this in different ways, forcing mixed and harsh opinions towards the Kardashian West. While Kim Kardashian West has a lot of money and came out of the event physically unharmed, according to a statement from her spokesperson she was left “physically shaken.”

This was still a traumatic event for her and her family. Her husband Kanye West walked offstage at the Meadows Music & Arts Festival in NYC upon hearing of the robbery and canceled a few concerts in the days following.

After the event occurred, articles began appearing on social media and it became evident that not everyone saw it as a “family emergency” as Kanye called it. People commented on these articles saying things such as, “She brings it upon herself (as does her entire family). No sympathy from me. They are all nothing more than media whores” and “She is not the only person who gets robbed. People get robbed every day. I understand she is famous but it takes from other people. You would think they would be done talking about this.”

The second comment is the most common type of comment found on these articles. People are comparing her hurt to others less fortunate and are saying that her traumatic event does not matter because other people have it much worse.

What these people need to realize first and foremost is that Kardashian West is a human. She has real problems and struggles just like everyone else and just because her problems seem trivial to us, does not mean they are. Pain and trauma are not competitions and making them as such desensetizes us to everyday problems.

When a friend suffers a death in their family, the human instinct is to comfort them. While Kim Kardashian West is not a friend of ours, it is not okay to dehumanize her and say that she deserved this just because her family and her annoy you. Pain is pain. At the end of the day we are all just trying to survive the pain that life has dealt us, and one person’s pain, no matter how great, does not lessen another persons, no matter how small.

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