The challenges of a first year commuter


By Allison Stapleton
Contributing reporter

During my senior year of high school, I was so excited to start school at Roosevelt. I would finally be able to live in my favorite place, Chicago. Unfortunately, things did not turn out this way. I did not get to live on campus due to the high room and board cost. As I’m going through my first semester, I’m realizing all of the challenges that come along with being a first year commuter.

I have to wake up much earlier than when my classes start so I can catch my train. Train rides from my neighborhood to Chicago are an hour long. During this hour, I can get some reading done, or study for upcoming quizzes and tests, but I would much rather be able to sleep. I also feel like there’s a lot of wasted time due to having to commute.

I imagine I have all this time to get homework done on my train ride, but I don’t. I waste my time on other stuff when I should be doing homework, then when I get on the train I realize I only have an hour to do all of my neglected homework.

Also, not living on campus makes it harder to participate in on campus activities. I always worry about whether or not I’ll be in the city too late and if it’ll be safe for me to take the train home.

Although, the biggest challenge I have faced is making friends. It sounds very trivial, but it is much harder making friends while not living on campus. When I arrived to class the first couple days, everyone else already knew each other and began developing friendships.

Even the people I was acquaintances with were becoming best friends with other people. I felt like I was failing friendship 101 before the class even began. All this being said, I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to receive higher education at Roosevelt. I enjoy attending school here, it would just make life easier to live on campus.

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