Shake Shack burgers nickle and dime for taste


The Shake Shack located in the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel, right next door to Roosevelt’s Gage Building. Photo courtesy of Shake Shack

By Maggie Turkovich
Contributing Reporter

Shake Shack has become somewhat of a staple to the Roosevelt students’ diet. The New York burger restaurant has gained popularity in Chicago in general, with two downtown locations. Many people act as though it is the new Portillo’s, but is it really worth all the hype?

The menu prices are quite high. A single burger, which is relatively small, is priced at $5.29. The shakes that they are famous for also cost $5.29, only come in one size and are also relatively small. Shake Shack does offer a nice variety of flavors to choose from, so there is something to please everyone.

The fries are crinkle-cut and very crispy, which weighs in their favor, but contain almost no flavor otherwise. These too come in only one size and cost $2.99 unless you add cheese.

The best and most delicious item at Shake Shack is the sauce that they put on the burgers. It is has a garlic taste with a little kick to it, and makes the burger worth ordering.

There is nothing wrong with portion control or having smaller sizes than Americans have become accustomed to, but with prices like these, most people would like a little more for their money. You could order a single burger, small fry and small shake at Portillo’s for, on average, $8.07, while at Shake Shack this meal would cost you $13.57.

If money is not a problem, Shake Shack is an acceptable option for a burger and shake, but for those who like to save, there are cheaper options.

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