Fantasy football: The reason why we love playing it


By Ian Jackson

We have all heard of it. We have all seen it. This online pandemonium is sweeping the football nation and catching millions of fans attention. What is this popular fad? The answer is fantasy football. Fantasy football is becoming more and popular every season. Competition, media attention, and fan involvement are all reasons why fantasy football is such a phenomenon.

The sweat dripping from the brow for your team getting the most points, the agony and suspense trying to pick the right defense and hoping they can do their job against the opposing team so they can get you some points is always a fun way to experience fantasy football. Some Roosevelt students and faculty pitched in and gave their input on today’s latest craze. Heather Rowlison, a 22 year old senior majoring in media studies states when the time she experienced fantasy football “The first time I experienced fantasy football was the last year of October with my boyfriend and it was a lot of fun and if I had enough money I would do it again no question” said Rowlison. This online craze is so popular with a lot of people that they even raise the stakes even higher in their own leagues with family and friends.

Robert Kipferl, a 23-year old senior majoring in Integrated Marketing and Communications talks about his experience with fantasy football. “My family and I play fantasy football every year and we put in 20 dollars towards a prize and a trophy. It’s a good way to get my whole family to be involved into something together when we are not there in person sometimes” Kipferl says. Some families have trophies and things to add a little bit more competition so you definitely want to strive to get that victory for yourself in fantasy football.

 Emily Komendera, a 25-year old Career Counselor at Roosevelt University explains how fantasy football is so entertaining for her. “It helps get invested into the games I don’t care about and I look forward into setting my lineups every week and it keeps track of how teams are doing weekly. And it helped my strategy picking up players off of waivers which help a lot” Komendera said. It really gives you a heads up on who can you pick up on the side to help boost your team before your game starts or you can do trades if you feel that the player you picked last week will not do so well this week.

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