2016 Homecoming Week kicks off


By Katherine Gage
Copy Editor

Roosevelt’s Homecoming week has begun and is set to have events set around campus all week, concluding with the homecoming dance on Friday night at White Sox’s Cellular Field with the theme being “Midnight Ball.” While the dance will be at the field, it will not be taking place on it, as some are speculating. Instead, it will take place in a one of the banquet halls the stadium offers.

Chanel Easter, the Center of Student Involvement recruitment and retention manager and a sophomore sociology major said, “The theme this year is simple, but classy with the name as the Midnight Ball. We encourage students to feel comfortable in whatever they are wearing, but also don’t be afraid to dress up for the event. It’s a perfect event to bust out those cute dresses and and suits and ties!”

Events which will be taking place during homecoming week consist of the kick-off on Monday, a lip sync contest, Buzzfeed comedian Matt Bellassi who is commonly known for his segment “Whine About It,” as well as a new spirit stick competition.

To encourage student organizations to become more involved with homecoming week compared to past years Roosevelt borrowed the idea of the spirit cup, a competition where the organizations and clubs register to participate in the events and activities throughout the week which go toward winning the RU Spirit Cup. The points will be awarded by first second and first place, according to the SPEED Activities Board.

Homecoming week is organized by CSI’s Activity Board. To register your organization for the RU Spirit cup contest or yourself for Homecoming Royalty registration packets are available in the CSI office located in Wabash 311.

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