NBC’s ‘Superstore’ off to great start in its second season


Photo courtesy of Side Reel

By Lauren Grimaldi
Managing Editor

For anyone who has ever suffered through working in a big box retail store, a comedy show depicting exactly that may certainly be what you’re looking for. Though shows in the past have tried, NBC’s “Superstore” has proven once again with the start to its second season that it is different than other shows.

The first episode picks up just where last season’s finale left off with the Cloud 9 employees set to go on strike because they feel the company marginalizes their rights.

Lead actress America Ferrera shines once again in her role as Amy with a sly sense of comedy since from her earlier days in her starring role in Ugly Betty.
The talented Ben Feldman also stars in the show as Jonah, Amy’s partner in crime, as both try to negotiate with upper level management on key rights for employees like paid maternity leave, overtime pay, and more.

“Superstore” offers an insider’s look at the many tribulations that come with working in retail and stretch far beyond annoying and rude customers.

Retail employees are often left with no real help from their employers in terms of benefits and scheduling woes and the show does a phenomenal job of portraying these very real struggles.

But, the show would be nothing without its witty writing and superb acting from top to bottom. “Superstore” is so great because it can make the most mundane occupation hilarious and the little filler moments between scenes entertaining.

As the season progresses, it will be interesting to see how the storyline of fighting for worker’s rights plays out. If it is anything like how the show has been thus far, it’ll certainly be worth a watch.

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