In Case You Missed It – Week of Oct. 3

By Rachel Popa
Managing Editor of Social Media and Web Content

The life of a college student is busy – we get it! We here at the Torch are here to help. With our new feature, In Case You Missed It, you can stay up to date on this week’s top pop culture stories all in one place:


Photo courtesy of YouTube

French Man Smashes iPhones in An Angry Rampage – A man in France is apparently not the only person who has been frustrated by Apple services (if you’ve ever had an appointment at the Genius Bar, you’d relate). The French man went to an Apple store in Dijon, France and began smashing iPhones, iPads, and computers with a petanque, a small ball used in a bowling-like game, citing that Apple had violated the rights of European customers. Check out the original video here.


Photo courtesy of Stupidtronic

Your Life Isn’t Complete Without a Pizza Pouch – Ever wanted to carry a slice a pizza around with you, but didn’t want to use your hands? Well, now you can with the Pizza Pouch from the brand Stupidtronic. It’s literally just a triangle-shaped plastic pouch on a lanyard, but the aesthetic appeal is still there.




100 Years of Bangs courtesy of Allure .png

Photo courtesy of Allure

‘Allure’ Chronicles 100 Years of Bangs in New Video – Bangs are an iconic hairstyle that has been around for decades. “Allure” magazine recently showcased 100 years of different bang styles in a video. The video started with bangs from the 1920s, and ended in the present day. Check out the video on YouTube.





Photo courtesy of AJ+

Bill Nye Talks About Climate Change in New Facebook Video – Bill Nye, AKA the “Science Guy,” collaborated with AJ+ to make a Facebook video about how the everyday person can combat climate change. Nye said that investing in green energy such as solar and wind power is beneficial for the environment, urging viewers to make simple changes in their lives to help the Earth. Head to Facebook to watch the video.



Photo courtesy of Funny or Die

Joe Biden and Adam DeVine Go Undercover as College Students – “Uncle” Joe Biden and comedian Adam DeVine teamed up with Funny Or Die and the It’s On Us Campaign to create a video speaking out against campus sexual assault. In the video, Biden and DeVine go undercover as college students at a party in order to talk about sexual assault on college campuses. Despite its subject matter, the video is lighthearted and funny. Besides, who doesn’t love “Uncle” Joe Biden? Watch the video for yourself here.

courtesy of Nerdist.jpg

Photo courtesy of Nerdist

Creepy Clowns Move Into Chicago Area – Creepy clowns have been seen all around the US, and the Chicago area is no exception. A 14 year old was arrested in New Lenox, Illinois for making threats to kidnap and kill students at his high school. Ask our editor in chief, Megan Schuller – she’s seen the Chicago clowns herself. Stay safe, Chicago, because the clowns are coming for you.



Photo courtesy of Business Insider

Banner of Vladimir Putin Was Draped Over the Manhattan Bridge – At noon on Oct. 6, a banner of Vladimir Putin was draped over the Manhattan Bridge in New York City. The banner was emblazoned with the word “Peacemaker” and was later taken down by the New York Police. We’re not making any accusations, but Donald Trump is from New York City, and he seems to have an infatuation with Putin so perhaps he has something to do with it…


Photo courtesy of Blues Magazine



Rolling Stones Set to Release First New Album in a Decade – The Rolling Stones announced that they will be releasing a new album titled “Blue and Lonesome” on Dec. 1. You can listen to the first single from the album called “Just Your Fool” on YouTube.

Photo courtesy of Twitter.png

Photo courtesy of Twitter




Manchester Police Tweet Confounds Public – The Manchester Police Department in England tweeted out a picture of a handbag asking “What’s she hiding?” Do they know? Do we know? We (and everybody else) aren’t really sure.


Photo courtesy of Vanity Fair



Teaser Trailer Drops For ‘Jackie’ – A stunning trailer for “Jackie,” a biopic about Jackie Kennedy Onassis’ life, was released on Oct. 6. All we can say is, “I want to be Jackie Onassis/I want to wear a pair of dark sunglasses/I want to be Jackie Onassis, oh yeah.”

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