New programs at Roosevelt promote career readiness


Emily Komendera and Jessica Wierman table in the Wabash cafeteria to promote the new graduation program for success and mentoring.

By Megan Schuller, Editor in Chief 

Two new programs at Roosevelt are breaking ground to help students with career readiness. The Graduation Plan for Success and the Mentoring Program are now available to undergraduate students as a way to aid the development of professional skills needed for a career after graduation.

“The mentoring program is where we match students with Chicago area professionals who serve as their mentor,” explains Jessica Wierman, mentor program coordinator and 2004 Roosevelt alum.

Mentors help their mentees initiate connections, network and build skills within their chosen field.

“The mentor is basically there to meet whatever needs that the student has. As far as networking, developing professional skills, anything really the student wants to do is what the mentor is there to do,” Wierman said.

According to the RU website the mission statement of the program states, “The Mentoring Program at Roosevelt University establishes and facilitates transformational partnerships between current undergraduate students and exemplary, established adults in order to support mentees’ development as engaged citizens and competent professionals.”

The program, which launched last year, has seen growth.
“We are getting new new mentors and looking to expand the program,” Wierman said.

The Graduation Program for Success is run through Career Development, and is designed to help students create a personalized plan to reach their goals.
“It’s aimed for is a point based system that kind of holds students available for career readiness. Things such as the mentoring program, that’s one thing you can do to earn points,” Emily Komendera, career counselor said.

To be apart of the program you have to earn eight points a semester. These points can be earned in a variety of ways around campus like campus employment, going to career development related events, having an internship and volunteering.

“There’s a variety of experiences you can do to earn the points, but basically the goal of the program is to help students get prepared to enter the world prepared, having a career path in mind. We are helping shape that,” Komendera said.

Once the GPS program is completed, upon graduation the GPS student will receive a special chord and the GPS program will be noted on their transcript.
“It’s pretty easy to get the points, it’s more about making sure you are consistently doing that every year,” Komendera said.

The goal of the GPS program is to help students graduate prepared, which also includes seminars, one- on-one meetings, workshops, and professional assessments.

Upcoming events held by Career development include a “career hot spot” event on Oct. 11 at the 14th WB Res-Life Hall from 4-5 p.m. They will also be holding a resume workshop from 3-4 p.m in WB 1214 on Oct. 19.

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