WCC appoints new advisor


Elizabeth Thomas working at her desk in WB1415

By Justin Provo, Contributing Reporter

Elizabeth Thomas was appointed the new Wabash Community Council advisor. Thomas is the Graduate Coordinator for Programming and Governance, working to help the student-run board that governs over the Wabash residence.

“My number one responsibility… is that I advise WCC,” Thomas said. “They get to plan fun programs and service events… but they also serve on the governing side as the voice of residential students.”

Thomas discussed her goals, saying “I wanted to bring the level of involvement that I’ve seen on other campuses here to Roosevelt.”

Thomas works to remind residents that they are a member of a community that has an outlet to voice concerns or ideas.
Dionte Sheppard, a freshman majoring in biology, is the current president of the WCC executive board.

“I haven’t had much time with Elizabeth, but from the few times that we have spent together I can say that no other person would be better for the advising position. She advises us not only about things related to the program, but also about school, and other unrelated topics,” Sheppard said.

Thomas is a second-year graduate student studying higher education at Loyola University. She is interested in the fields of residence life, orientation, leadership and social justice within higher education.

Thomas was formerly the Graduate Assistant for the Office of Campus Life at Illinois Tech – the Illinois Institute of Technology, formerly ‘IIT.’ While at Illinois Tech, Thomas also worked with the president for Tech News, the student newspaper.

“Elizabeth is very nice and I know she is excited to make WCC as active as possible this year,” Dan Simon, resident advisor in the Wabash building said. “She seems eager to make connections with residents and the staff in the Office of Res Life, in order to better understand how WCC can help make residents feel more comfortable living and learning in the Wabash Building.”

WCC’s aim is to meet the needs of the Wabash residents, and the new change in office will help catalyze this.

“I’m honored to have met her, and I can honestly say that I can’t wait to plan and put together all these events this year with her,” Sheppard said.

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