“Harry Potter and The Cursed Child” relives magic of wizarding world


By Allison Stapleton, contributing reporter 

“Harry Potter and The Cursed Child” parts one and two is the eighth part to the Harry Potter series taking place 19 years after “Deathly Hallows.” The difference between “The Cursed Child” and the rest of the series is that it is neither a movie nor a book, it is a play. Written by J. K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany, the magic comes back in a different context through the play format.

The play opened at the Palace Theater in London on July 30, 2016. “The Cursed Child” is in two parts due to the larger-than-life nature of the story. The script was released so those who were not fortunate enough to see the play were able to take part in the magic as well. Some fans were upset to learn that this was not a novel, but this did not keep it from flying off the shelves.

“The Cursed Child” transports us all back into the world of Harry Potter where we not only see him, but other beloved characters as well. Although this time, they’re adults with children of their own- specifically Albus Potter, Scorpius Malfoy, and Rose Granger-Weasley. For a Harry Potter fan, it is extremely enticing to find out that the story focuses on an entire new generation of wizards and witches.

Not only is it a new generation, but they are the daughters and sons of beloved characters. The play’s main focus is on Albus and Scorpius’ adventures through time but at its depth it’s about Harry figuring out fatherhood. Harry attempts to figure out the effect his own childhood has on his son, Albus. While reading this, one must remember that it is a play, not a novel. This is because everything seems to happen quite quickly with no real insight into any characters’ minds, like avid Harry Potter readers are used to having.

While the majority of the people reading “The Cursed Child” are fans of the previous Harry Potter books and or movies, you do not have to be to enjoy the play. It makes sense if you have no previous knowledge, but of course being a part of the fan-base adds to the overall enjoyment of the play.

Even though us Americans are not fortunate enough to see the wonders of on stage magic, the script is still a magnificent stay-up-all-night read. The story stays true to its characters and the universe as a whole. It had non-stop suspense much like the previous books and even mentions previous events from the original novels. As a lifelong Harry Potter fan, I am happy to say that this play does not disappoint, and it worth a read.

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