Frank Ocean does it again with ‘Blond’


Photo courtesy of Boys Don’t Cry

By Alvin Nguyen, Graphics and Layout Designer

After a long hiatus, Frank Ocean has released a new solo album, “Blond.” Gaining inspiration from the Beatles and the Beach Boys, “Blond” features smooth R&B, with a touch of 60’s psychedelic rock. His excellent use of the guitar and piano make the entire album blend together, while still maintaining a uniqueness to each and every song.

Keeping up with his signature style, Frank Ocean’s voice is easy on the ears and his lyrics are nothing less than poetry. Listening to “Blond” almost seems as if Ocean is opening up his conscious for everyone to observe. Touching on many concerns such as love, self worth, conflict, and sexuality, “Blond” encourages all who listen to reflect on their own lives. Sharing his experiences throughout the album gives significant weight to his ideas and invites many different emotions.

“Blond’s” interludes such as Be Yourself, Facebook Story, and the end of Futura Free, allow listeners to have an even more immersive experience. By thoughtfully placing each interlude throughout the album, listeners are able to experience the same moments that Frank Ocean recalls, and also experience the same emotions that came with them.

Frank Ocean hits all the right buttons with “Blond,” creating an amazing, thought provoking experience. Unique beats, complex lyrics, and immersive story telling brings Blonde to the top of the charts, rightfully so.

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