Bears down to 0-3


Photo courtesy of Matt Marton, USA Today Sports

By Ian Jackson, Staff Reporter

To start off the season, the Chicago Bears are 0-2. Some are surprised and some are not as surprised. Some are questioning whether Jay Cutler is the man that they can depend on to lead the Bears back to the glory days they once had.

Cutler’s stat lines from the past two games are as follows; he has completed 28 out of 46 passes for 373 yards, one passing touchdown and two interceptions, fumbled twice and has been sacked eight times. Some have just given up on him and have given up on the Bears already and it is only two games into the season. Roosevelt students and faculty weigh in on what the bears need to do in order to turn their season around and have a successful season.

“I think they need to do something with Jay Cutler because he has not been on point for the past few years. He is good in the pocket but under presser he is not good at all and he is not a good leader,” junior Carson Hughes said.

Being an 11-year veteran you would at least expect for him to be a leader for the younger guys that are making names for themselves on the team to help the Bears become a stronger team but during some games you see him “quit.”

“Alshon Jeffery needs to be healthy and Brian Hoyer needs to step up his game and we will be in good shape,” career counselor Emily Komedera said.

Health is a big concern for the Bears as a team, and for the fans watching at home.

“For starters they need to stay healthy because it has been an Achilles heel for them; we have a good defense we need to put points on the board. Other teams have gone aerial so we need to give the fans something to watch,” admission counselor Julio Trujillo said.

As of the past few seasons the Bears have had a hard time moving the ball downfield. They had a running game no doubt, but there has to be a time where you have to throw the ball downfield, have few short passes, then start gunning it downfield.

The problem is the Bears offensive line has been suspect. They have their good days protecting the quarterback then there are the bad days when the defense blows past the offensive line and sacks Cutler four or five times a game. We will see if the Bears will get it done and turn the tide this season.

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