The pandemonium of college football season has begun


The Ohio State football team vs. Texas. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

By Ian Jackson, Staff Reporter

From the week one nail biter between Notre Dame and the Texas Longhorns to Central Michigan upsetting the heavily favored Oklahoma State, the first two weeks of college football season have certainly been thrilling. The Roosevelt and Chicagoland area is certainly feeling this excitement and many cannot wait for the rest of the season to progress.

Junior Christian Villanueva, a Roosevelt journalism student, said he appreciates the surprises that come along with each week of the sport.
“You got to know where the good games are, so you can really be excited because if you go to a game that’s going to be a blowout then it won’t be as exciting,” Villanueva said. There was one game that surprised Villanueva in particular.

“The Ohio State vs. Bowling Green game from week one was the most surprising to me because for a while it was a close game but then later on Ohio State blew Bowling Green out of the water,” Villanueva said.

Ruby Elozia, a medical student at the College of Lake County, was disheartened and shocked by Notre Dame’s week one loss. “The Notre Dame vs. Texas game (surprised me) because they lost to a non-ranked team. It made me mad because I’m a huge Notre Dame fan” Elozia said.

The 23-year-old also stated that she is excited for the 2016 National Football League season so that she can watch her favorite team, the Green Bay Packers.

Heather Rowilson, a 22-year old Journalism major, is a huge football fan. According to Rowlinson, her favorite game of the college football season thus far involved her home state team, the University of Michigan Wolverines. “I enjoyed watching the University of Michigan win over University of Central Florida this past weekend. It was a great win for my home state and I was quite proud,” Rowilson said. As for the NFL, Rowilson remains optimistic about the Chicago Bears chances, despite many predictions that they will falter in head coach John Fox’s second season. “I am thrilled to welcome back college football and the NFL back into my home. I am really hoping the Bears pull through this season, or I may have to be a Lions fan,” Rowilson said.

Though so much has happened so far, this is really just the beginning of what will likely be a season to remember in the world of American football.

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