Clarissa Bonet shows us how city life is different from rural life


One of Bonet’s photographs at the exhibition. Photo by David Villegas.

By David Villegas, Contributing Reporter

Being in the downtown area of Chicago for the first time can feel like stepping into a different society.

Clarissa Bonet believed that when she first came here for graduate studies at Columbia College, so she recorded that experience while she was here. At the opening of her exhibition at the Catherine Edelman Gallery, Bonet discussed how this art project came to be.

She said  how she photographed of people’s activities while in the loop. According to Bonet, coming to Chicago for the first time was like a “foreign society” to her in comparison to her upbringing in Florida.

Her artwork is recreated memories from places she encountered with her phone in which she used models to play certain activities when the light was perfect. It is combined with another project she did of images of hotel and apartment windows once the sun settles. Bonet constructs each artwork with multiple photographs which makes it look like an urban constellation.  

This exhibition runs through Oct. 29 and admission is free. It is easily assessable by the CTA Brown Line at the Chicago/Franklin station which is located just east of Superior St.

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