Student government association encourages safe spaces, new students


President Nathanial Stoll speaks to the students members of SGA during their first meeting.

By Dominic Gwinn, Staff Reporter
Photo by Dominic Gwinn

The first meeting of Roosevelt’s Student Government Association saw student legislators seeking to increase the school’s social justice initiatives on and off campus, as well as an emphasis on reaching out to all Roosevelt students to encourage greater involvement in student organizations.

A bill introduced by Vice President of Internal Affairs, James Davis, and Nathanial Stoll, Student Body President and President of the SGA, amends the existing charter to create a committee for programs and resources for students to reach out for more community resources. The intention, is for SGA to be a hub of social justice throughout the university.

“Some of the goals that we had for the bill was to have more community partners in house for Roosevelt, more resources for students to get involved in social justice, whether that’s going off campus to do things [or] bringing people inside of the school,” said Davis.

Stoll expressed his interest as Student Body President in attracting more students to organizations like the SGA.

“We work with groups like the university senate, administration here at Roosevelt, the Executive Council, to reform and review the policies that are in place at Roosevelt and make sure if there are issues that students are facing we can address those,” Stoll said.

Stroll says that they are creating resources on campus for students as well as social justice training and initiatives through the Bill.

“SGA has always been a part of the university’s governing body in a sense that we recommend policies and procedures to the university, like creating gender neutral spaces, or creating a student activities fee to have events on campus.” Stoll said. “For years we’ve been that place where if you want change at the university this is the route to make it happen.”

Tyler Darden, a 28 year-old freshman and finance major, heard the call for student leaders and attended the meeting. Darden, a Navy veteran who previously worked as a nuclear electrician, expressed high hopes after leaving the meeting.

“I would really like to end up being the committee head for the Academic Affairs and hopefully launch into higher leadership position within SGA. I want to increase involvement in things on campus, and increase the amount of student involvement we have within SGA.”

Students wishing to participate in the SGA are encouraged to attend the weekly meeting held Wednesdays at 5:00 p.m. in the Wabash building, room 1017.

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