Roosevelt launches new mobile app


Photo by Megan Schuller

By Justin Provo, Staff Reporter 

Roosevelt University launched a new mobile app during Convocation designed to centralize vital information for students.

By using the app, which debuted Aug. 24, students can view information regarding the fitness center, registration information, class schedules, campus alerts. They can even log into Blackboard.

Crystal Nguyen, senior and head orientation leader, said she’s excited about what the app means for students. “I really like how all the important information from the website is on this app,” Nguyen said, encouraging students to download the app. “Even though I’m not a Wabash resident, seeing what’s available in the laundry center is pretty handy… It’s performing well for its initial launch.”

Nguyen acknowledged the app isn’t perfect, noting that it requires multiple logins for Blackboard and accessing registration information. “Hopefully they’ll get the tweaks fixed soon. I give this app a B-plus,” she said.
Nguyen isn’t the only one with this issue. Dan Simon, junior and resident advisor in the Wabash Building, also has this problem.

“My biggest complaint is that there is no way to stay logged into the app with your Roosevelt NetID. I love being able to look at my class schedule on the app, but you are automatically logged out after each time using the app,” Simon said. “To me, this seems counterintuitive… and makes the app almost unusable.”

Simon said he does enjoy the app, despite this flaw. “I love that you can check the hours of the Wabash Cafeteria and what food is available at any given time. I also really like the user interface – it is visually appealing and is surprisingly easy to navigate,” Simon said, giving the app the grade of B. Simon urged the school to promote the app more: “With a great new app, why has Roosevelt not spent a lot of energy promoting it to the student body?”

President Ali Malekzadeh said he’s proud of the job his team has done with the app, which drew inspiration from student focus groups last semester. “We consulted the students and asked, ‘What do you want [from an app]?’ to make sure that it’s student-friendly… The best thing I think is the washer and dryer. Do you know how many hours I sat doing laundry back then?”

The app has more than 100 downloads from the Google Play market, with a perfect rating of its five published reviews.

“Everything is still not there yet,” Malekzadeh said, “but day by day we are adding more content.”

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