Stress tips upon entering finals week

By Rachel Popa

Staff Reporter


College students are no strangers to stress. Photo Credit: Alvin Nguyen

It is that time of the semester again: finals week. Every semester, without fail, professors pile on the work at the very last minute. On top of the additional work are final exams themselves, which account for a significant portion of the overall grade in a class despite being only one test – no pressure. Having so much to do all at once is bound to stress any student out. That being said, there are some ways that students can relax and unwind in the face of immense stress.

First, students should take advantage of the Counseling Center at Roosevelt. Their services are included in the cost of tuition, so it is in a student’s best interest to make use of them. The Counseling Center offers one-on-one sessions for students that need help coping with stress and other issues.

According to the American Institute of Stress, one way to deal with stress is taking time to relax and do activities that are enjoyable instead of spending time focusing on what is causing the stress. Taking time to exercise, meditate and listen to music are some of the ways to alleviate stress. Additionally, AIS recommends that students take short breaks when studying in order to help retain information better.

Getting enough sleep is also important when coping with stress, according to the American Psychological Association. Avoiding late night study sessions as much as possible is beneficial, especially if a student has classes early in the morning. The APA suggests that even when life is hectic, it is important to make time for yourself and your health in order to help cope with stress.

Having a plan is another way to help students deal with stress, according to the Association of Psychological Science. Keeping track of assignments and due dates can help make them feel less daunting, leading to less stress. Also, planning to do work ahead of time can prevent procrastination, which is a big contributor to stress.

According to the AIS, in times of great stress, students should not resort to drinking alcohol to cope. Drinking alcohol to deal with stress is a short-term solution that can lead to more stress. The AIS recommends that students find healthy ways to deal with stress instead, such as taking a walk or reading a book.   

Last but not least, one simple solution to managing stress is to talk about what the cause of the stress is with family, friends and counselors at school, according to Psychology Today. Venting about issues that create stress such as schoolwork is an easy way to alleviate stress, especially considering how much stress college students are under at the end of the semester.

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