Parting words to graduates

By Quinton R. Arthur

Staff Reporter

graduating seniors.png

The RU Class of 2016 will cross the stage of the Auditorium Theater this month. Photo Courtesy: Alvin Nguyen

For the class of 2016, the time has come to receive what you have been working towards since coming to Roosevelt: your degree. The next stage of life can be fraught with uncertainty, but heed this advice: you will make it.

For undergraduate students, flustering thoughts on what’s next can tend to overwhelm. For graduate students, it may be a make or break situation in moving forward with your career. Before you leave the university for good, make sure you take advantage of Career Services.

        Utilize your network established here at the university. Professors, classmates, organizations and co-workers can still introduce you to people who you can benefit from in the next part of life.

        Though your time here at Roosevelt has come to end, do not lose the zeal for education. You may decide pursuing another degree is necessary or that certifications and trainings will suffice. No matter the path you choose, just make sure you are constantly learning.

The most important thing to realize that right after graduating, whether on the undergraduate or graduate level, life does not automatically fall into place…and that is okay. Yes, you have dedicated a certain number of years to your degree, you feel “qualified” with the credential of your degree, but it still takes time to get established professionally, get on stable ground financially and time to pursue the life-enhancing experiences.

Graduating senior Elisabet Bernard is anxious about the job prospects awaiting her.

“Especially in communications, I’m often told I won’t get a job or won’t make any money,” said Bernard.

You have already lived life. Now, this next part of life requires you to muster everything you learned thus far and provide for yourself. Do not get discouraged if you do not have employment immediately; do not fret about having an ideal job, and no one will look at you strange for staying with family a little while longer. As long as you are constantly pushing, you will get to where you need to be.

Do not forget the social justice mission which was ingrained in your education. Strive to make changes in not only your personal life, but the lives of others. Whether you do big things or small things, just make sure they are “your thing” and success will be yours.


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