Bears Prospects Headline Floyd, Elliott and Buckner

By Joshua M Hicks

Staff Reporter


The 2016 NFL Draft is almost here. For the city hosting the draft, Chicago is looking to improve on the defensive end after finishing 22 out of the 32 teams in rushing defense.

According to the most recent mock drafts of ESPN’s Todd McShay and Mel Kiper Jr, The Chicago Bears should go the defensive route by picking University of Georgia’s Leonard Floyd. Senior Jason Curry agrees with the draft experts’ predictions.

“Floyd is an amazing athlete who is a good pass rusher and has great passing coverage,” Curry said. “He could definitely help benefit the Bears this upcoming season. The only downside is that he is a bit underweight for his position but his athletic ability makes up for that.”

Floyd ran a 4.65 second 40-yard dash at the combine and finished last season with 68 tackles and 4.5 sacks. However, Kenneth Davis, co-host of the “D and Davis Show,” believes Oregon’s DeForest Buckner can really assist the Bears’ 3-4 defenses.

“It would probably be better if Oregon’s DeForest Buckner fell to the Bears,” Davis said. “Buckner is a defensive end in a 3-4 scheme, and I think he’ll be a beast.”

If Ohio State’s Ezekiel Elliott is available, the Bears might lose their defensive strategy and draft Elliott instead. With these immediate impact players on the board, they put the Bears in a tough position to make the right pick. However, Davis believes that the relatively new Bears management will make the right choice come draft day.

“[Ryan Pace] did a fantastic job in free agency of filling in needs and not over spending for these athletes,” Davis said. “Pace has set himself up to take best players available in this draft with these additions.”

Curry agrees with Davis’ sentiment, but only for the first round pick. Curry has doubts that the Bears will make the right decisions once opening night is over and the rest of the draft takes place.

“I am worried about the following rounds because we need a possible future quarterback,” Curry said. “We need to think about the future with our offensive leader. The second round should be dedicated to getting a quarterback because there will be solid potential still there. Michigan State’s Connor Cook can be great in this league.”

Drafting a quarterback is Davis’ biggest fear, especially within the first round at pick 11.

“I’m not sold on the rest [of the QB’s] as day one draft picks for the Bears,” Davis said. “Perhaps the 3rd round, but the Bears need to help the defensive rush with their pick at 11.”

The 2016 NFL Draft is April 28-30 at Roosevelt’s Auditorium Theatre.

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