Women’s tennis begins preparation for next season

By Joshua M Hicks

Staff Reporter

Women's Tennis Photo

Jami Dahl and Claudia Beczarski compete as a doubles pairing in a recent match. Photo Credit: Dan Lim

The women’s tennis team has gotten off to a slow start, but they have recently picked up steam. They are currently hold a 5-9 record with a 2-5 record in conference, according to Roosevelt Athletics.

Head coach Lucian Tabic believes that even though the team’s record doesn’t show much success via numbers, they still feel they have made strides of accomplishment throughout the season so far.

“Our women’s team accomplished several goals this year that were program firsts,” Tabic said. “One of the best highlights has been the tactical improvement that sometimes takes a while to implement. Doubles is very important in college tennis and our improved level of play in that category is a positive.”

Tabic understands the struggles his team has faced, but he remains positive with the progress his team is making, vowing that the second year team’s circumstances will get easier as the team continues to grow.

“All sports teams face challenges throughout the length of a season,” Tabic said. “Our very early commute times for practices and part-time work schedules that our student-athletes face weekly can add up and test everyone. We are working on improving our logistics and I’m sure things will get easier.”

Assistant coach Danielle Smith described the mindset in the locker room as optimistic, believing that this is the highest level of confidence the team has experienced so far.

“As far as the women’s team goes, I think they are excited about our position in conference and are optimistic about next season,” Smith said. “Both teams are excited for summer to get here, because they have worked so hard this season, and are ready for a much deserved break.”

Team captain, junior Claudia Beczarski, praises the team for striving to complete their goals, especially from the position they started from the beginning of the season until now.

“We continue to push closer to team and personal goals,” Beczarski said. “We came from the bottom of the food chain in conference and to fifth place. As the program and we athletes grow, we will be able to fulfill all goals as well as create new ones to keep pushing ourselves to greatness.”

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