Museum of Mexican Art gets a new spin on old artifacts

By David Villegas

Contributing reporter


Photo Credit: David Villegas.

Maria Gaspar, an artist from the Little Village neighborhood of Chicago, manipulates the permanent collection of the National Museum of Mexican Art in an exhibition currently on display.

Gaspar has been able to reproduce some of the artifacts from the museum using clay that she was able to make in her own studio. Visitors can view the displayed art on stands resemble furniture from Acapulco, which is a popular tourist spot.

There are also hand weavings of the museum’s advertisements mixed with images of the artist’s personal environment that are hung throughout the exhibition.

Gaspar believes that this exhibition can be used so guests can examine how historical materials can shape how the public see themselves, as well as how institutions can arrange society’s understanding of history and collective memory.

This exhibition is available for viewing inside the National Museum of Mexican art, which is located within Harrison Park in Pilsen. It is accessible by public transit via the CTA Pink Line.

It is located in the small Kraft Gallery and it will run through July 31. The museum, including this exhibition, is free for everyone.

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