Finding Dory over a decade later

Megan Schuller

Managing Editor

Finding Dory

Photo Credit: Finding Dory Facebook

Thirteen years ago, three animated fish captured hearts of many in “Finding Nemo,” as the forgetful Dory helped dedicated father Marvin find his son Nemo who was fishnapped. In “Finding Dory,” Pixar’s newest creation, now it is time for Dory to find out where she is from and where her family is.

Director Andrew Stanton and producer Lindsey Collins described what it was like coming back to the Nemo characters when they began making the film in 2012.

“I think I underestimated how difficult Dory is to write for. She was built to be a supporting character to make the other people look good. Putting her in the spotlight and making her the main character proved to be very difficult,” Stanton said.

Besides the familiar characters, viewers can expect to see new ones like Bailey the beluga whale, Destiney the whale shark, Rudder and Fluke the sea lions, Hank the Octopus and others.

Ellen DeGeneres is returning as the voice of Dory, recording over 500 lines throughout the movie.

“It was always so refreshing when we would hear her read the parts because she just brought them to life,” Collins said.

Stanton and Collins agreed that they did not want to make a sequel to “Finding Nemo” right away, until they had a story worth telling.

“I saw that Dory saw her short term memory loss as a burden or handicap. We love her for it. I wanted her to like herself as the rest of the world liked her in the way of the characters in the movie,” Stanton said. “Everyone has something about them that’s not perfect, maybe they put themselves down on, but actually that’s what makes you special and unique.”

Stanton grew up near the ocean and was inspired by it thinking it would be a good setting to talk about issues because it is a living thing.  

“I think we managed to make conservation in respect for sea life and taking care of nature as a part of the actual narrative of the story,” he said.

Pixar is known for the easter eggs from other productions that they hide in their movies. Look out for A113, the pizza planet truck and numbers anywhere in the movie which Stanton says always have significance.

Stay until the end of the credits too, Stanton and Collins advise.

Finding Dory will be released in theaters on June 17, 2016. Until then, as Dory would say, “just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.”

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