RU Proud offers Ally Training as part of Social Justice Week

By Adam Schalke

Staff Reporter

RU Proud Ally Training

Photo Courtesy of Adam Schalke

Social Justice Week returned to Roosevelt this past week. Forum topics included ways to relate to people of color, working class students, members of the LGBT+ community, or any other traditionally mistreated group in America.

On Wednesday, RU Proud, Roosevelt’s official organization for LGBT+ issues, was eager to educate the public on how to be a strong ally for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning students on campus.

The two-hour long event was a powerpoint-style presentation with Q&A that offered a variety of examples on the do’s and don’ts regarding proper protocol for engagement with LGBT+ communities.

Specifically, key topics included proper pronoun usage for addressing transgender or gender nonconforming people, avoiding and correcting homophobic or transphobic language (i.e. “that’s so gay”), and how to make sure that LGBT+ students are treated with dignity in day to day discourse.

RU Proud leader Haley Ostrander was enthusiastic about the reception of the event, and was hopeful that it would become more popular in the future.

We were hoping for a bit more of a crowd that day, but we were happy to have people show up, even if we were hoping for more. The fact that anyone came to our event made us very happy,” she said. “We do believe that we got out all the information that we intended, and we think that people really enjoyed the presentation today.”

Ally Training was the last official event on the organization’s calendar, and much of the attention within the organization is being directed towards what to do in the fall of next year.

“At this time, Ally Training was the last planned event for the semester. We are still working out the plans for who is taking over as president for the fall semester,” Ostrander said.

RU Proud meets on Thursdays from 10 a.m.-11 a.m. in AUD 670.

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