Lake Street Dive’s “Side Pony” melds genres, creates harmony

By Rachel Popa

Staff Reporter

Lake Street Dive's 'Side Pony' melds genres to create harmony.tiff

Lake Street Dive’s “Side Pony” is a treat to listen to from start to finish. Photo Courtesy of Amazon

As the band’s name implies, Lake Street DIve’s style is organic, down-to-earth and sounds like it was recorded live in a local haunt. The band’s fifth studio album, “Side Pony,” is a testament to loneliness, companionship, heartbreak and being yourself.

While every one of the 12 songs on the album has its own unique flair, Lake Street Dive’s jazzy and upbeat folk-rock sound shines through on every track. The disco-inspired “Can’t Stop” (it sounds very much like a testament to “Stayin’ Alive”) melds perfectly with the somber and thoughtful vibe of “So Long.”

The musicianship and talent of the band stands out on “Side Pony” as well. Lead vocalist Rachael Price’s soulful, 60s inspired vocals are complimented perfectly by big-band instrumentations of trumpet and the occasional, unexpected bongo.

While every track on “Side Pony” is a delight, the clever lyrics and unique 6/8 time signature of “Call Off Your Dogs” stands out.

“Call off your dogs/Listen when I call, I know there’s something wrong with the limits/We got turned around but we can spin it,” Price croons in harmony with her bandmates.

As a group, Lake Street Dive is a treat to listen to. The musician’s passion shines through with every note, making “Side Pony” a can’t-miss record.

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