Chance the Rapper explores Chicago roots with new video

By Daly Tongren


Chance the Rapper

A still from Chance the Rapper’s new video for his single, “Angels.” Credit: YouTube

       Chicago-native Chance the Rapper released the official for latest single, “Angels,” last week and it uses the Loop as its backdrop. The song also features Chicago artist Saba, who is responsible for the song’s hook and appears alongside Chance in the video.

        In the song, Chance addresses local issues such as gun violence, makes reference to local radio stations and makes what seems like the closest jab to Mayor Emanuel that he has put forth yet.

       “I got my city doing front flips/When every father, mayor, rapper jump ship,” Chance says.

        In the video, Chance uses animation from fellow local artist, Hebru Brantley that give him a superhero-esque appearance. He can be seen riding atop an El train through the Loop and is situated throughout in several recognizable downtown locations. He dons a White Sox cap and Chicago-flag decorated jumpsuit throughout, and reference fellow Chicago-bred rapper, Chief Keef.

        “Angels” seems to be Chance’s letter of admiration to Chicago, one that implies a sort of possessive yet proud expression. The video captures his pride and admiration well with its familiar landscape and artful camera work.

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