Torch editors seen panhandling to supplement print budget

By: Megan Schuller

Managing Editor

The Scorch


Torch editors.jpg

Torch editors have been forced to save every last penny in order to keep issues on stands. Photo Credit: Daly Tongren



With recent budget cuts this year, The Torch was among many organizations that felt the blow. The organization allowance and ad revenue was not enough to produce the paper and pay the staff. Torch editors were seen panhandling on Michigan Avenue to make it possible to print the paper this semester.

One staff member held a sign that read “too poor to print, help The Torch.” He held out a baseball cap that had a torch emblem from a few years ago.

“We’ve been trying to raise funds in every way we can to keep the paper running week to week,” he said.

The Torch has been Roosevelt’s newspaper since 1945 when the university first opened, is in jeopardy of shutting down the presses for good.

Last year it was a weekly paper, and this year some weeks The Torch could not print due to lack of funds.

“We can’t afford to print our paper through a printing press,” said one editor. “We might have to print on unwanted papers from the recycle bin and staple each issue if we can’t find more money soon.”

The Torch staff is trying to not only keep the paper on the stands, but keep their staff who already took pay cuts this year.

The future of The Torch remains uncertain now, as budgets around the university become tighter and the journalism program takes hit after hit. First, it was the cutting of the graduate journalism degree, the decrease in budget for communications organizations, and let’s hope not the last drop of ink for the Torch.

Letter from the staff: All Scorch articles are to be read and enjoyed as satire.

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