Students react to return of NFL Draft to campus

By Adam Schalke

Staff Reporter

Students react to return of NFL Draft to campus

The Torch surveyed students on their opinions about the Draft’s return to RU. Photo Credit: Adam Schalke

With spring officially on the horizon for Chicago, the NFL Draft will be returning along with it. The draft, which is scheduled for April 28-30 this year, is an occasion in which teams in the NFL come together to recruit new players to join their ranks.

Just like last year, the NFL will be holding its draft in Chicago at Roosevelt University’s Auditorium Theater.

The Torch conducted an online survey of current Roosevelt students and faculty in order to gauge what the overall RU community had to say about the draft’s return.

The decision to hold the draft on campus for the second year in a row caused a variety of responses, ranging from absolute approval to outright condemnation of the draft and the NFL.

While responses to the draft were varied, there are an overwhelming majority of students who are in favor of keeping the draft at the Auditorium Theater.

According to the survey, which gathered nearly two hundred students responses, over 85 percent of respondents said that they either “strongly approved” or “moderately approved” of Roosevelt hosting the event for a second year in a row. In contrast, less than 14 percent of respondents either “strongly disapproved” or “moderately disapproved” of the event.

When given the option to explain their decision, many supporters of the Draft claimed that it would give Roosevelt unique publicity and a means to advertise itself before the entire country.

Opponents of the Draft argued that in light of recent controversies surrounding sexual assault and frequency of concussions in the NFL, the organization stands directly against Roosevelt’s social justice mission and has no business on its property.

Opponents of the draft also pointed out that given the event’s schedule in late April, it serves as a distraction and hindrance to students during a particularly busy time of the year.

“Before I came to Roosevelt, I heard that the draft was coming here and everyone I knew was talking about Roosevelt,” said Rahaf Rihani, a senior. “It was publicized everywhere. I thought it was a great PR move for the school that got a lot of attention.”

Likewise, there are students who were vocally opposed to hosting the Draft again.

“I don’t have a problem with Roosevelt hosting non-academic events, but I do have a problem when those events have anything to do with unethical groups,” said Leyna Beery, a freshman.

“The NFL just doesn’t seem like a good organization. With the sexual assault issues that have been happening lately and how they responded to it, I don’t think that the NFL is a very pro-social justice organization that should be at Roosevelt,” she said.

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