PETA protests against Roosevelt’s new mascot

By Rachel Popa

Staff Reporter

The Scorch


PETA protested the creation of RU’s new mascot, Fala. Photo courtesy of Roosevelt University


In light of Roosevelt University creating a new mascot based off of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt’s beloved dog, Fala, PETA responded by protesting outside RU’s Michigan Avenue entrance on Friday.

A group of about 40 protestors gathered on the sidewalk, blocking both students and pedestrians from getting by and entering the university.

“With Roosevelt, we have to pick a bone!“ protesters chanted, wearing t-shirts with the face of a sad terrier on them. “Leave Fala the dog alone!”

When asked why they did not like RU’s new mascot, the protestors said that the choice of a human-sized terrier costume shows that the university is out of touch with the issue of placing an undue burden on animals.

“One minute you have a sweaty guy in a dog suit running around a basketball game, and the next you have a real dog getting paraded around, ” said John Lewis, 29, a protester from the Wicker Park neighborhood. “We have to stop it before it gets to that point.”

Other protestors thought that the new mascot tarnishes Fala’s memory as one of the most beloved presidential pets.

“That costume doesn’t even look like the real Fala,” said Tracy Collins, 24, from Lakeview. “Terriers don’t have blue eyes, the head is the size of a small child and the fur isn’t the right color. It looks like a disaster.”

Protesters held up signs that proclaimed: “A dog is not a mascot; Roosevelt University, we will boycott!” The protesters marched in circles on the sidewalk, taking extra care to allow people with dogs to pass by.

A protester talked about the film the real Fala starred in, saying that the creation of a mascot based off of Fala further exploits the dog’s image.

“First it was ‘Fala: The President’s Dog’, and now this?” said Keith Lawrence, 22, of Wrigleyville. “Fala is rolling over in his grave right now.”

Letter from the staff: All Scorch articles are to be read and enjoyed as satire.


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