NFL Draft gets moved to Goodman Center

By Rachel Popa

Staff Reporter

The Scorch

This year marks the second year that the NFL Draft will be hosted at Roosevelt University. Last year, it was held in the historic Auditorium Theatre, which is technically part of Roosevelt, but also isn’t (as another Torch reporter put it, like many things at Roosevelt, it just doesn’t make sense).

However, to the pleasure of many students and to the dismay of university officials, the NFL Draft will be held in the Goodman Center instead of the Auditorium Theatre this year.

Citing complaints and concerns of students about graduation getting pushed back to accommodate the draft, as well as the draft falling close to finals week and move out day, university officials signed off on moving the illustrious event across the street to the Goodman Center.

“While the Goodman Center is significantly smaller and less luxurious than the Auditorium Theatre, it should do the trick just fine,” said an anonymous RU executive. “At this point, we will take all the publicity we can get.”

The decision to move the event to a smaller venue has created some logistical challenges, such as figuring out how to fit thousands of people into a gym that usually seats less than 20 students for a home game.

“Despite the logistical setbacks, this is shaping out to be a good opportunity for us,” the anonymous source said. “The NFL Draft is a good way to show prospective students that we’re a university with notoriety.”

When asked about the issues current students have with the draft being held at RU, the source seemed puzzled.

“Wait, we still have students?” he asked, scratching his head.

Letter from the staff: All Scorch articles are to be read and enjoyed as satire.

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