Laker Life blog shows what it’s like to be a Rooseveltian

By Lauren Grimaldi

Staff Reporter

      In this day and age, technology is such an important aspect of many people’s lives. There is no denying that most messages can be conveyed to a great number of people through websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Likewise, blogging is a tremendous platform to show people what you’re passionate about.
     Recently, Roosevelt has implemented more technology as a part of its efforts to show prospective students what life at RU is like with the new Laker Life blog. The blog content is created by student ambassadors who write posts and share images encapsulating exactly what it is like to go to the university.

Josh Schweigert, Roosevelt’s social media manager, noted that the main hope he has for the blog is to show others just how the RU community is unique. The blog creates a platform to showcase that to students as they decide whether or not the university is for them.

“There are two main goals for the Laker Life blog. The first is to give our students a place to connect online and share their Roosevelt experience in a fun way. We have a really diverse student body, and we think everyone will enjoy seeing the different perspectives on what it means to be a Laker,” Schweigert said.

“The second goal is to have a place where prospective students can explore and hear directly from current students about the ways the Roosevelt student experience is unique.”

Communications Director Erica Masini shared that the idea for the blog itself was proposed by Schweigert and came up in a meeting about a year ago.

“It was about creating engagement and getting our community to share the story,” Masini said. “The RU Laker Life blog is more about answering the question that many students have when they first come here: What is it like to be a Roosevelt student?”

In order for the blog to continue its success, the Marketing Department wants to keep the blog centered around students, for prospective students and written by students.

“My favorite part of the Laker Life blog is that all of the content is written by students. We recruited a small group to get started but now that we have launched anyone is welcome to pitch an idea for an article,” Schweigert said.

Students who wish to pitch an article for the Laker Life blog may do so by emailing their ideas to

Students who want to participate, but do not want to write a post, still have a chance to share in the fun.

“Students can also get involved by posting about their Roosevelt experience to Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #RULakerLife. We’ll gather these posts and publish them on the Laker Life blog,” Schweigert said.


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