Golf heads into final stretch for upcoming conference tournament

By Joshua M. Hicks

Staff Reporter

Golf heads into final stretch for upcoming conference tournament

Zach Preuss follows through on golf swing at a recent tournament. Photo Credit: Peter Pougnet/Roosevelt Athletics

The men’s golf team is heading into the final stretch of the season. According to Roosevelt Athletics, the team recently finished within the bottom half of their competition. With the CCAC championship coming up, the team is looking to make a final push in preparation for title contention.

Head coach Peter Pougnet looks upon the positives the team encountered so far this season.

“We had two great spring trips,” Pougnet said. “The biggest pro was having the guys get out on grass and see ball flights and practice course strategy. After five months of being inside, there was a sense of being very excited to practice on a golf course.”

Another positive contribution to the team is their dynamics amongst the players, according to sophomore Matthew Spahr.

“We have four new freshmen to the team which could either go good or badly,” Spahr said. “We ended up all getting along very well on and off the course,” he said. “We broke all previous records the men’s team had posted in the past.”

Through team’s the recent struggles, junior Zach Preuss described the mindset in the locker room as the building of a brick house, taking things one day at a time while preparing for a final push.

“We are taking everything day by day,” Preuss said. “We understand that to get better, it’s a process and it will take a lot of hard work—being patient and understanding that greatness does not just happen is our current mindset.”

Pougnet said that his team has worked hard this season, and will continue to do so.

“We are trending in the right direction,” Pougnet said. “The talent on this team is very high. We will just keep working hard to reach our goals. As a coach, I couldn’t be more excited to have the chance to work hard with these guys and get ready for it.”

With the conference tournament coming within reach, Preuss understands the process of being great athletes, believing that patience is going to be essential to winning the conference tournament.

“The key factor is to stay patient and understand the greatness does not just happen,” Preuss said.

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