Fala the Laker brings school spirit to RU

By Rachel Popa

Staff Reporter

Fala the Laker brings school spirit to RU

“Fall the Laker” is a Roosevelt University’s long-awaited mascot. Photo courtesy of Roosevelt University

What is tall, furry and full of spirit? That would be Fala the Laker, Roosevelt University’s new mascot.

After years of speculation and deliberation, RU has finally decided on a mascot – a Scottish terrier named after Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt’s dog. Creating a mascot was the responsibility of RU’s WOW! Committee, an arm of campus planning and operations.

Steve Hoselton, RU’s associate vice president of campus planning and operations, said in a statement that a mascot would be a fun addition to the RU campus.

However, without someone to give it life, a mascot is just a costume. According to a statement from the WOW! Committee, five students have signed up to play Fala, including Chicago College of Performing Arts freshmen Megan Walter and Antoniao Bouie.

“Fala is fun, friendly and energetic,” said Walter, an acting major.

Bouie and Walter said that getting to play Fala as freshmen is a unique opportunity to both practice their acting skills and be more involved on campus.

“I got to see the gym for the first time because I was Fala,” Bouie said.

In the process of becoming Fala, Bouie and Walter said they took pictures with the basketball team, shot baskets and demonstrated Fala’s energetic spirit.

“You can’t go wrong with a mascot,” Bouie said. “Hopefully we can continue it and do it all four years because we enjoy it so much now.”

In addition to cheering on the Lakers at sporting events, Fala will make appearances at university functions. Fala’s first appearance was the Chili Cook-off and March birthday celebration at the McCormick Dining Center in the Wabash building on March 28.  

“It’s hard to make a ‘Laker,’” said junior actuarial science major and student ambassador Sarah Lamparski about the decision to make RU’s new mascot a dog. “I think Fala is so cool.”

Bouie and Walter said that the student response to Fala has been positive, and that their friends have been laughing with them and not at them when they hear about their new jobs as the university’s mascot.

“I hope Fala can help grow the Roosevelt community as a whole,” Bouie said.


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