Daredevil second season enthuses comic fans

By Quinton R. Arthur

Staff Reporter


The new season of “Daredevil” is streaming now on Netflix. Photo Credit: Facebook/Daredevil

Marvel has released the second season of “Daredevil” on Netflix to the delight of many. The show might be about Daredevil, but the standout character of the season is Jon Bernthal in his portrayal of The Punisher.

Though the character has been represented in other movies, Bernthal fully fleshes out the complex moral standards of the character and from his entrance on the show to all his scenes, he showcases the brutal side that comic fans love.

        The action of the show is the major selling point. The fighting styles have been specifically tailored for each character. Daredevil fights calculating and almost defensively, as his background in boxing proves, Elektra’s feminine charm is matched with a graceful, quick executions, and The Punisher is more brutal and to the point in his scenes.

        Though “Daredevil” has many good points, there are a few shortcomings. The character Karen Page is often times annoying, always seemingly getting into trouble, and playing to the overused Damsel in distress role. For as good an actress as Rosario Dawson is, her character is put in a minimal role. Fans hoping to see Punisher utilized in a major way during the season finale may be disappointed.

Overall, the plot is solid, building upon the story from the first season and helping to set up a shared universe with other Marvel shows and movies. Though some of the series falls flat, it is overshadowed by the positive parts of the series. Fans will continue to enjoy the quality of work Marvel puts out, while newcomers will be enveloped in the series.
3/5 torches

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