Clinton sees potential running mate in Emanuel

By: Alyson Jurgovan

Staff Reporter


Clinton sees potential

Clinton promises to add Emanuel to her ticket if she wins the Democratic Primary. Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

Clinton promises to add Emanuel to her ticket if she wins the Democratic Primary.


       Hillary Clinton announced that should she take the democratic nomination, her running mate will be Chicago’s very own golden boy, Rahm Emanuel.

        Contrary to popular belief, the two white house veterans have more in common than just pretending to care about black people.

        Clinton, a long-time Emanuel supporter, diligently remained in her pal’s court, even through those silly allegations that he helped cover up the murder of a 17-year-old so he could win a mayoral election.

        True to form, Hillary “Stand By Her Man” Clinton, could not be swayed by Emanuel’s corruption.

        Yes, the anti-Rahm rhetoric is real, but that will not stop Clinton’s loyalty. Who cares if she is running for president? There are financial gains to be made and Emanuel is the one to help her do it. It’s nothing personal, guys.

        Listen, the interest of the people of Chicago is not nearly as important as maintaining the monster that is American politics, so stop being so selfish and try and see the bigger picture here.

        Do the people of Chicago really expect the Clinton/Emanuel administration to take time out of their busy day to care about police violations, the school system and the livelihood of our neighborhoods? Do you people have any idea how exhausting it is getting paid millions by Goldman and Sachs to give speeches?

        If everybody could just understand that rich white people are what matters then all of this could be a bit easier. You’re making it more difficult for yourselves, really.

        Welcome to Hillary/Rahm 2016: where real change is too hard.  

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