City destroys tax, announces free tampons for all

By Katherine Gage

Social Media/Web Editor


Women have been voicing their frustration about having to purchase the uterus bearing essential of tampons and pads and then having the government putting an additional tax (10.25% in Chicago) on the product on top of it.

The additional tax is added onto products the government classifies as a “luxury good.” Currently this tax is put on tampons and pads in 40 of the 50 US states.

“It’s not fair I have to spend this money men don’t have to pay each month, and then the government digs a little deeper into my pocket to add insult to injury- or in this case cramps,” Elizabeth Cady Straton said.

When asked for comment, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said removing the tax is the “right thing to do.”

When asked for further comment Emanuel picked up more passion on the subject.

“Free tampons for all! Starting now, even for men to make sure that we are supporting equality between sexes. That’s what feminism is, right? Equality for both sexes? From here on out everyone, no matter if they want them or not, gets free tampons!” Emanual said.

To pick up your government issued free tampons and pads, please visit the Mayor’s office directly.

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