Administration discovers that Wabash Building also has classrooms

By Lauren Grimaldi

Staff Reporter


Administration discovers

To the surprise of many, it was outed last week that the Wabash building holds actual classrooms. Photo Credit: Daly Tongren



It was recently discovered by school officials that the beautiful Wabash Building does much more than house many of Roosevelt’s residential students.

It also has a great number of empty classrooms.

“We just did not even realize that this was all here,” said a university official. “I said to someone, why in the world would we keep housing all of our classes in the stuffy, old Auditorium Building when we have these grand, brand new classrooms for our students to use? Like most things at this school, it just doesn’t make sense. I’m just shocked.”

However, there has been some dissent on the idea of actually putting these rooms to use.

A university executive touched on his feelings, stating that he feels that millennials are too entitled these days and that they shouldn’t complain about the “issues” with the Auditorium Building.

“I don’t get what the difference between the two buildings is. Who says you are supposed to be comfortable in your college classes? You kids these days think you’re so  entitled to everything. You have perfectly good classrooms over there, why do we need to use the new ones?” he said.

“They’re perfectly fine being completely abandoned except for the days on which we give tours to prospective students and show them only those classrooms and tell them that’s what our classes look like so that they want to come here.”

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