The many lies of Donald Trump

By Lauren Grimaldi

Staff Reporter


Donald Trump’s campaign seems to be operating on a lack of truth. Photo Courtesy: Alvin Nguyen

Donald Trump is not one to mince words when it comes to boasting about himself and his accomplishments. But, what many do not realize is that some of the endeavors that Mr. Trump has bragged about have not been as successful as he portrays.

Trump University, perhaps the more well-known lies of the hotel magnate, was an absolute fraud. While it was never an accredited institution, it did say that it would offer its students a chance to learn the ins and outs of the real estate business and tips for how to become successful in that area from the Trump himself.

However, according to the Washington Post, what these students were given instead, was a rather elementary course and the constant pressure to invest more money in the program with promises of gaining real knowledge. While the venture eventually folded, due in part to complaints and lawsuits from its users, it left a lingering hole in the trust many felt for Donald Trump.

In a recent speech following one of his election wins, Trump doled out an array of his business ventures for his listeners to see how successful he is and use those accomplishments as a basis for why he should be our next president.

While success in the world of business in no way translates to qualifications that the leader of the free world must have, the larger problem with Trump’s claims here resides in the fact that some of the very ventures that he was displaying in his speech as great successes were indeed anything but.

Additionally, Trump Winery, which was hailed by Trump as the “largest winery on the East Coast”, blatantly states on its website that it is not affiliated with the Republican. And a quick fact check from also shows that the winery is indeed not the largest on the East Coast either. He also recently swanked about his magazine that terminated publication after merely a year and a half, according to Time Magazine.

Of course, there have been even more stretches of the truth from Trump throughout his entire career not just within the confines of his presidential campaign, and Politico even calculated that the number of falsehoods that he has made to equate to a “misstatement” every five minutes of speech time.

Donald Trump has created his entire campaign on the idea that he and he alone knows how to “Make America Great Again!” because of his deep success and experience in the business world. But it seems as though a majority of what he claims as triumphs are really anything but, rendering the entirety of the basis for his campaign useless.

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