NFL Draft comes to Roosevelt second year in a row

By: Alyson Jurgovan

Staff Reporter


The Draft will return to Roosevelt for the second year in a row this spring. Photo Credit: Joshua M. Hicks

        2015 was the first time in 51 years that Chicago had hosted the National Football League draft. It was quite the event, not only because of the timing, but because it was held at Roosevelt University’s Auditorium Theatre.

        The theatre, which has seen countless graduation ceremonies, will once again host the Draft in 2016, for the second year in a row. Set to take place on April 28, attendees and South Loop dwellers alike can expect to see a red carpet entrance walked by athletic legends.

        However, some wonder why would an NFL draft be hosted at Roosevelt University? The school does not even have a football team. And more importantly, our institution has a very clear mission: social justice and equal rights. What aspect of the NFL even remotely falls under the heading of social justice and equal rights?

        The league is notoriously corrupt, immoral and discriminatory. It excludes women, frowns upon openly gay players and offers million dollar contracts to players who are convicted of heinous crimes; all the while setting an unfair and unrealistic standard of what masculinity should be.

        The Auditorium Theatre is a magnificent piece of architecture and surely that is why it appeals to the NFL. When thinking of the theatre, students envision their peers crossing the stage proudly while representing the community and mission that we all respect so dearly. It is unfortunate that the draft has to impose on that.    

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