New season of “Girls” puts a new spin on the familiar show

By: Alyson Jurgovan

Staff Reporter



“Girls” has returned to HBO for a fifth season. Courtesy: Flickr/Emanuele Rosso

        Season five of “Girls” showcases the show’s classic style with new-found struggles.

Lena Dunham’s character, Hannah, is as cringe-worthy as ever with her narcissistic and self-destructive behavior, while somehow simultaneously being relatable (at least for a twenty-something woman).

This season audiences see something never seen before: Lena Dunham’s vagina – and lots of it. The full frontal scenes are plenty this time around and it does not seem to necessarily lend to the storyline, but is interesting, nonetheless.

Beyond the body exposure is a nicely developed plot. Each character has moved on to some sort of new endeavor in their professional and/or personal life. However, even though they are embarking on new stages in their lives, they are each facing the difficulties that life throws their way.

“Girls” always manages to be just as uncomfortable as it is enjoyable, but this season it’s a little bit different because Hannah, Shoshanna, Marnie and Jessa are not nearly as involved in each other’s lives as we have seen in past seasons.

There seems to be a constant internal conflict in each character so far in this season, whether it be Hannah’s relationship with Fran, Shoshanna’s new life in Japan, Marnie’s marriage or Jessa’s risky friendship with Adam.

It is easy to chalk up this series to an annoying heroine with loads of nipple exposure, but the show is a beacon for those in a quarter-life crisis. Dunham manages to use serious themes in tandem with the hilarity of what it means to be a woman.       

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