Gwen Stefani shows fans “What Truth Feels Like”

By Adam Schalke

Staff Reporter

Gwen Stefani shows fans “What Truth Feels Like”

Gwen Stefani’s latest release “What Truth Feels Like” stays true to her solo pop sound. Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

2015 was a busy year for Gwen Stefani. On the artistic front, she and No Doubt gleefully resumed touring after a nearly six year break and dropped hints about a new album in the works.

However, on the personal front, her marriage to Bush singer Gavin Rossdale dissolved when she filed for divorce last year. Both of these, the high energy and the heartbreak, seemed to have played a part in her new album “This Is What Truth Feels Like.”

Quite frankly, “This Is What Truth Feels Like” is not much different than any other of Stefani’s solo outputs, and that is totally okay. Stefani has been around long enough to know what works and doesn’t work, and quite frankly, her tried and true bright pop style is as welcome now as it ever was.

Tracks like “Make Me Like You” are distinctly Stefani-esque, with its mid-tempo bounce and bass-heavy mixing.

While much of the album is sonically in tune with her past work, Stefani’s divorce with Rossdale seems to have been a major influence on the lyrics and the overall theme of the album. The divorce’s influence is perhaps most obviously displayed in the melancholic and emotional lead single “Used To Love You” and its subsequent music video.

Overall, the album is sure to satisfy longtime fans of Gwen Stefani, which at this stage in her career, is what really matters. Perhaps with her apparently happy relationship with country star Blake Shelton, Stefani’s next album will have a more positive theme to it.

4 out of 5 torches

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