Your vote is essential, regardless of the nominee

By Lauren Grimaldi

Staff Reporter


Voter turnout is essential in any election, but especially in such a close race as the one that has been unfolding this year. Image Courtesy: Alvin Nguyen

With yet another Super Tuesday in the books and the Illinois primary over and done with, Hillary Clinton looks to be the nominee for the Democratic Party, leaving the people that have been feeling the Bern quite uninspired.

For months, the Vermont senator’s self-proclaimed political revolution has riled up a base that is fed up with the establishment. But, in the face of all of his support, it may not be enough.

For whatever reason, Clinton’s experience is not enough to get young people who identify as Democrats to truly show strong support for her or be inspired by all of her real accomplishments throughout her time in the political arena. Because of a perceived lack of excitement for Clinton’s candidacy, the concern is that Sanders’ strongest supporters would not be satisfied with a nomination win for Hillary.

In fact, according to Politico, only 47% of Sanders voters said that they would be satisfied with Clinton, should she be their party’s nominee in November.

What is scary about that is that the wide indifference could influence them to not show up to vote on Nov. 8, which could give the Republican nominee a greater chance of winning the White House.

As of right now, signs point to Donald Trump being the nominee come November.

While it may seem that Trump’s unashamedly racist, fear-mongering rhetoric could not possibly resonate with enough of the electorate to secure him a presidency, there is no absolute guarantee of that. Trump’s supporters are fired up. They are angry. They want their own personal idea of change in our political system. Should he be the nominee, his voters will show up in large numbers.

Ted Cruz is the second most likely person to become the presidential nominee and while his supporters are not as obvious with their anger as Trump’s, the idea of a Cruz presidency does not sit well either. He too could very well win should people on the left not show up to vote in November.

It all comes down to a simple idea. However, there is little room to doubt that a Clinton presidency would be greater for a majority of Americans than would four years of Trump.

So, if you are disappointed with whoever makes the acceptance speech in Philadelphia at the national convention this July, try not to become discouraged or apathetic. Voter turnout will be an enormous factor this election and we can only hope that it all works out for the best.

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