Windy City blowing left and right in Bulls recent struggles

By Joshua M. Hicks

Staff Reporter

Windy City

Jimmy Butler warms up before a game. Courtesy: Flickr/Sinya Suzuki

The Windy City’s favorite basketball team has been on a roller coaster this entire season. According to ESPN, the Bulls are sitting eighth in the Eastern conference with a 33-32 record.

With the season-ending injury to center Joakim Noah, knee injuries of big man Pau Gasol and guard Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose’s inability to stay completely healthy throughout the season, the Bulls latest skid has put them on the verge of possibly missing the playoffs.

Kenneth Davis, host of the sports orientated D and Davis Show, believes that the Bulls season has gone wrong because of the team not doing enough to build a system around their rising star, Jimmy Butler.

“[The Bulls’ struggles] are two fold, hiring Fred Hoiberg and not altering the roster to fit his system,” Davis said. “[The Bulls] signed back Jimmy Butler, an isolation heavy player. They should have made a change with the big men Joakim Noah and/or Pau Gasol to fit the system.”

Former Roosevelt University women’s basketball player, Becky Williford, thinks the struggles of fully adjusting to coach Hoiberg’s system are at fault in Bulls play.

“Right now, the Bulls are struggling to find their identity,” Williford said. “Playing under a new system with a new coach can be difficult at times, and they have not completely adjusted to it yet.”

Davis believes that changes need to happen regardless of the outcome the Bulls endure this year, and those changes are in regards to possibly breaking up the dynamic backcourt duo of Rose and Butler.

“It is time to flip other pieces on the team to build an entirely revamped squad,” Davis said. “Management needs to seek out another star player to pair with Butler and or Butler/Rose or just Rose.”

Williford believes that part of the problem the Bulls are encountering is revamping Rose.

“Rose needs to stop forcing the matter offensively,” Williford said. “He is putting too much pressure on himself to get back to the player he was prior to his injury. He needs to be confident that the rest of the guys can help him get the job done.”

Is there any hope in saving the Bulls’ hectic season? Davis believes there is not any luck that these Bulls can turn their season around.

“With Gasol out, Butler’s knee issues and Rose’s health problems, this season is over,” Davis said. “Even if they make it in, their health issues make them officially a one and done team. A couple of weeks ago I gave them a real chance. I’m not as confident today.”


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